Sunday, 8 May 2011

Trap door

So finally we say goodbye to one part of the shop i work in and a hello the a new part (end of a chapter, start of a new). The shop i work in (an independent clothes shop in the north laine of Brighton) opened another shop this time last year ish to sell retro/vintage, over the past month my bosses have been converting the basement of the main shop (Ju Ju) to become the retro/vintage part of the shop. Which all the staff have been very excited about for a long time, as the other shop was a dodge magnate and not worth the stress. But now, as of this weekend, we have...

So if you live in Brighton or find your self here one day come have a snoop around...if only for the rainforest wall, Love it!
To those people that watched it Ju Ju (the shop i work in) was the first Mary Queen Of Shops shop.

Hope to see ya soon.x.

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