Monday, 9 May 2011

Project goings on

Well as i said last night if you didn't hear from me the dress conversion would probably of gone wrong...this however is not the case it is going fine. The reason this isn't a before and after blog is due to some rather long and boring unpicking, but i plan to be done by tomorrow eve as i have the day off...and if it's not done tomorrow I may start to panic eeek!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Banana Marble Cake

So about a month ago I was having a dream that I was sat at a table full of cake and I was eating the moth amazing marble cake but as I was doing so Aaron woke me to say goodbye....Noooo! So since then i have been craving marble cake...and sooo that leads us to this post on the day I made the cake which was Thursday I was going to make banana cake, but then remembered I also wanted to do marble cake and well you know whats coming.

You gotta try it, just find a marble cake recipe and add a banana or two...mmm mmm

Summer Projects

So as you may of noticed i have not really been doing what i set out to do with this blog, so this is may pledge to you and my blog...

Well first of all this sudden urge to make and create strangly occured on tuesday when i woke feeling ill and fluy not sure if it was my state of mind due to head filled with cold or just time but it happened.
Over the next few week I hope to be making a clock or two for living room and kitchen, start a new sewing project and to night I will be reinventing something in my closet (mainly due to low funds) for a wedding next goes, wish me luck.
If you here nothing by tomorrow it may have gone awfully wrong and I don't want to talk about it...but lets hope not!

Trap door

So finally we say goodbye to one part of the shop i work in and a hello the a new part (end of a chapter, start of a new). The shop i work in (an independent clothes shop in the north laine of Brighton) opened another shop this time last year ish to sell retro/vintage, over the past month my bosses have been converting the basement of the main shop (Ju Ju) to become the retro/vintage part of the shop. Which all the staff have been very excited about for a long time, as the other shop was a dodge magnate and not worth the stress. But now, as of this weekend, we have...

So if you live in Brighton or find your self here one day come have a snoop around...if only for the rainforest wall, Love it!
To those people that watched it Ju Ju (the shop i work in) was the first Mary Queen Of Shops shop.

Hope to see ya soon.x.