Monday, 9 May 2011

Project goings on

Well as i said last night if you didn't hear from me the dress conversion would probably of gone wrong...this however is not the case it is going fine. The reason this isn't a before and after blog is due to some rather long and boring unpicking, but i plan to be done by tomorrow eve as i have the day off...and if it's not done tomorrow I may start to panic eeek!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Banana Marble Cake

So about a month ago I was having a dream that I was sat at a table full of cake and I was eating the moth amazing marble cake but as I was doing so Aaron woke me to say goodbye....Noooo! So since then i have been craving marble cake...and sooo that leads us to this post on the day I made the cake which was Thursday I was going to make banana cake, but then remembered I also wanted to do marble cake and well you know whats coming.

You gotta try it, just find a marble cake recipe and add a banana or two...mmm mmm

Summer Projects

So as you may of noticed i have not really been doing what i set out to do with this blog, so this is may pledge to you and my blog...

Well first of all this sudden urge to make and create strangly occured on tuesday when i woke feeling ill and fluy not sure if it was my state of mind due to head filled with cold or just time but it happened.
Over the next few week I hope to be making a clock or two for living room and kitchen, start a new sewing project and to night I will be reinventing something in my closet (mainly due to low funds) for a wedding next goes, wish me luck.
If you here nothing by tomorrow it may have gone awfully wrong and I don't want to talk about it...but lets hope not!

Trap door

So finally we say goodbye to one part of the shop i work in and a hello the a new part (end of a chapter, start of a new). The shop i work in (an independent clothes shop in the north laine of Brighton) opened another shop this time last year ish to sell retro/vintage, over the past month my bosses have been converting the basement of the main shop (Ju Ju) to become the retro/vintage part of the shop. Which all the staff have been very excited about for a long time, as the other shop was a dodge magnate and not worth the stress. But now, as of this weekend, we have...

So if you live in Brighton or find your self here one day come have a snoop around...if only for the rainforest wall, Love it!
To those people that watched it Ju Ju (the shop i work in) was the first Mary Queen Of Shops shop.

Hope to see ya soon.x.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sun, sun, sun

So it's always good when the sun comes out but here in Brighton it always seem extra magical. For one, the town (being a seaside town) is so seasonal so from a business point of view the summer brings so much tourism...but on a personal note the whole place comes alive, there's music on the street, everyone seems to lean back a few degrees, smiles are not hard to come by and catching up with people that you haven't seen all winter which in turn leads on the the wonder that is after work drinks in the sunshine. There's nothing quite like getting to end of your working day and still having sunlight, you remember that you had a life out of work that didn't just have to wait for the weekend.
Getting up the morning is also a joy again, because you can't bare the idea of missing a sunny day down the beach...which for those of you living in hot sunny country-maybe also next to the sea-you will never understand. The pressure on our summer over here is very high (that's why we talk about the bloody whether so much), the down side of this is that most of us get burnt...idiots!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Little Dragon

A good friend has been raving about these since we met a year ago, but I didn't get round to listening to then until a week or so ago...and I'm in love. A band of four based in Sweden, consisting of Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano (vocals, percussion) and her close high-school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass), and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards). They have two album out, Little Dragon and Machine Dreams (which i have been listening to repeatedly) and a third to follow later this year...Woop!
 I love the mix of down tempo mellow lovely niceness which her voice swims through and the up beat bits/song in which you can't help but wiggle to. I am told that on stage Nagano has the most amazing energy and i wait with baited breath for their next tour.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Me and my bow

I'm not normally a bow kind gal, but i have to many scarves not to start being creative with them and this is just too cute not to do. I really like the baby blue with my red/purple hair and it has made this gloomy Sunday a little smiley-er. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Moving Day

I'm sitting here at work in agony waiting for the working day to end, at which point I can go see my new home for the first time since we said yes a month ago. After 3 years of house shares Aaron and I are finally going to have a place of our own with the sea at the end of the road...bring on summer!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bar Bar, Bar Bar...Hello

These endearing sculptures by Jean-Luc Cornec are completely made out of rotary phones, I want one as my home phone...wouldn't that be fantastic!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Black Swan

I have been so consumed with moving, packing, sorting... that I forgot to share with you this amazing film and good god is it great, oh Darren you have done it again!
It's hard to talk about this film with out giving to much away but at the same time its not, that might sound strange but you'll see. A brief out lay of the film would be that it's about a girl so submersed into ballet that so is almost void of expression which holds her back. Portman doesn't even talk that much in the first section of the film, but what she doesn't say is so amazing as facially she says so much and it draws you in you are with her in her struggle with her emotions.
Which is where I will have to stop I could not recommend this film more, tense but fantastic.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wearables 2

^^^ Today I wore ^^^
The striped top (charity shop) which have a great combination of colours which work in many outfits, the great high waist denim skirt (Beyond Retro) tho a wee bit to small its one of my favorites. Orange tights may seen like a bright chose but I think they work so well and I have never seen anyone else wear them, which is always a plus in my book even tho they are from Peacocks last winter. Mary Janes are one of my favorite style of shoe because they are so very flattering and complete any retro look, black and gold belt from the shop I work in Ju Ju (I seem to own a lot of skinny belt but I can't help myself and they can change the whole fit of a dress/skirt quick and simply).

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The thing about petty coats is...

I don't know about you but i wear a lot of dresses and skirts, even more so in the winter because i find trousers cold and find i want to put woolly tights or leggings on. At the end of last summer as it began to get cold and the layering got in to full swing that old pet hate returned, that riding of the hem line as your walking along. Sometimes getting court between your legs or just in general riding up, worst of all riding up at the back where your bag sits and only the people behind you notice and don't bother to tell you. And as you may have guest this is where the wonder that is the petty coat comes in, I picked one up at my local Beyond Retro, but i have seen them in most vintage and second hand stores and they on cost between £5 and £10 in a range of colours...bargain!

 *Best buy of last year*

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


So i finally pulled my self out of my pit and got dressed, step one to productive day complete...yay.
Silk headscarf inspired by A Beautiful Mess one of my favorite blogs at the moment.

Breakfast with Lemons and Tiffany's

Woke up feeling a bit poorly, like the heating had been left on (but it hadn't). Aaron went and got me a lemon (hot honey and lemon the best cure for a sore throat) so I'm making a speedy recovery with Audrey at my side. I'm making the hearts to string together for our new flat which we are moving into in 2 weeks i can't wait  to make it our own.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Asos Night Cap

Cut out and wedges and lace oh my, and to top it all off a vintage channel bag.
Sweet dream will be had by me tonight thank you Asos

Gold Fingers

I have had a love affair with gold for years now and believe we will live happily ever after. It got spurred on this Christmas when Aaron got me an Irregular Choice voucher and I had my eye on those ankle boots for a while (which I am now the proud owner of). Gold nail polish is my next buy foe sure, so that when i make the paper flowers or cupcakes I can match them perfectly especially this awesome new crazy of edible glitter *maybe the best thing ever invented!*

First Post

Well I have had this blog waiting in the side lines now for about a year now. Waiting till had time and space to make cafty bits and bobs, along with that homemade food and beautiful fashion finds. Now lets get down to business and have some fun.