Monday, 18 April 2011

Sun, sun, sun

So it's always good when the sun comes out but here in Brighton it always seem extra magical. For one, the town (being a seaside town) is so seasonal so from a business point of view the summer brings so much tourism...but on a personal note the whole place comes alive, there's music on the street, everyone seems to lean back a few degrees, smiles are not hard to come by and catching up with people that you haven't seen all winter which in turn leads on the the wonder that is after work drinks in the sunshine. There's nothing quite like getting to end of your working day and still having sunlight, you remember that you had a life out of work that didn't just have to wait for the weekend.
Getting up the morning is also a joy again, because you can't bare the idea of missing a sunny day down the beach...which for those of you living in hot sunny country-maybe also next to the sea-you will never understand. The pressure on our summer over here is very high (that's why we talk about the bloody whether so much), the down side of this is that most of us get burnt...idiots!

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